R & D

Atomicus is comprised of highly educated experts in both programming and physics who carry out the research and development (R&D) and nonrecurring engineering (NRE) work required for different applications. Nearly half of our employees hold Ph.D.s, and some of them are physicists who lecture at European universities.

With our wide-ranging expertise and background in various STEM fields, we’re able to provide concise research on physical problems and program highly technical software concepts. Through our R&D process, Atomicus experts conduct a comprehensive investigation, generate an illustrated report of their findings, and present you with their conclusions and recommendations.

Our qualifications include:

  • Extensive experience in R&D and commercial software projects
  • Decades of work with users of analytical instruments and a keen understanding of their needs and mentality
  • A strong background in physics, mathematics, and materials research
  • Advanced understanding and experience in mathematics and algorithms, including artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Multiple forms of programming, including:
    • Diverse knowledge platforms, languages, and tools
    • Competence in various software architectures
  • A long, successful history of international work, including:
    • Joint commercial software development with Japanese, German, and American R&D units
    • Direct support of international end users
    • Workshops and trainings with international customers
    • Conferences, patents, and publications in multiple countries

Our work with our high-tech partners in the X-ray industry has resulted in numerous scientific publications and patents: Atomicus employees have published three monographs as well as hundreds of articles in highly rated peer-reviewed journals. We’ve also filed dozens of patents together with our partners in the European Union, United States, and Japan.

In addition to publishing the results of our research as scientific studies, we also present them at many internationally recognized conferences, seminars, and trade shows in analytical science and business.

Contact us for more information about our R&D and NRE services.