IP Protection

High-tech businesses have large, concentrated investments in intellectual property (IP), including methods, designs, algorithms, and theories. As a result, the protection of your IP rights is one of the key issues Atomicus deals with during development and product rollout.

To ensure the safety of your IP, Atomicus segregates the development processes for each of our customers on all levels, including:

  • Dedicating separate server space to each product
  • Restricting access to IP information
  • Restricting which employees are responsible for each project
  • Monitoring and limiting communication channels
  • Conducting source code control in the event of a possible overlap
  • Implementing a variety of other “firewalls” between projects

In cases that require additional protection, we consider working with our customers to patent the most significant ideas, which guarantees the legal protection of IP. (See a list of our past patents.)

For more information on how we ensure IP protection, contact us today.