Welcome to software engineering for high-tech analytical instrumentation. Atomicus provides reliable and professional project-based outsourcing of software development for any business area requiring both modern graphical user interfaces and fundamental physical and mathematical kernels. We guarantee cost savings, on-time project completion, and high operational reliability for the products we develop. Atomicus’s business style provides comprehensive services realized under flexible cooperation models. Our development center’s location in Eastern Europe delivers attractive tax structures, and our staff’s extensive experience in software development for analytical and life sciences instrumentation ensures high-value products.

AtomicusChart® is a product from Atomicus that can be integrated and reused in any software for analytical applications that requires high-speed graphics for large volumes of data, including large data sets.

We’ve been producing this software for almost two decades and can design and develop the whole concept to fit your instruments and customers.

Atomicus is flexible in the selection of models for outsourced development, including off-site and on-site development, combined models, or models customized to your specifications.

Atomicus offers comprehensive custom application development to create a product that meets both market demands and your business’s vision.

We’re able to provide concise research on physical problems and program highly technical software concepts.

We organize consultancy on various aspects of data analysis along with full training courses on most commercial and free data analysis software packages.


Obtain a unique interpretation of complex data using both physical and mathematical measurements.


Interpret large data precisely and efficiently with a number of complex techniques.


AtomicusChart® is fast and productive even on low-end video adapters, including CPU integrated Intel Graphics.


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