Consulting and Training

You may have questions regarding the different data visualization software and products available. Or, maybe you want to learn more about Atomicus’s products and how they can better serve your data needs.

Atomicus offers unmatched consulting and training that draws from our years of experience. The Atomicus team’s qualifications include:

  • Extensive knowledge of applications, analytical methods, and different software available on the market
  • Years of experience in core development of software packages
  • Deep knowledge of algorithms as a result of developing software packages for analytical instrumentation companies
  • Experience with a vast number of evaluation cases based on data provided by customers from various branches of industry and science

We organize consultancy on various aspects of data analysis along with full training courses on most commercial and free data analysis software packages. Anyone receiving training for commercial software must possess a legal license for the installed software.

Contact us today for more information or to get started with your consulting and training.