Our Customers and Testimonials

Here’s what our customers have to say about our work:

  • Dr. Frank Burgäzy, President of Bruker AXS Division (Germany): “The team of physicists and software engineers from Atomicus, has been successfully cooperating with Bruker AXS for many years. The Atomicus team is working on software dedicated to complex analysis of X-ray data requiring profound know-how in physics and mathematics as well as programming skills. Atomicus demonstrates very professional approaches to the development of software products for high-tech analytical instrumentation and is constantly able to finish projects within the planned costs and time frame. Bruker AXS enjoys working with this competent and reliable company.”
  • Prof. R. Matyi, Albany Nanotech (USA): “I am an experienced X-ray professional, and it is clear that within a relatively short time LEPTOS* has become the premiere software platform for thin film solutions. LEPTOS continues this new tradition — it has a combination of scientific capabilities and user options that will help it remain the only real option for professionals in this field for some time. I personally have never seen any commercially available scientific software that allows the user to directly access and manipulate the underlying physics of the process being modeled. The program’s ability to handle a variety of scattering geometries is directly in accord with the current X-ray practice of using several (rather than a single) experimental approaches in order to solve a structural problem. Quite simply, LEPTOS established a standard for excellence in X-ray data analysis that I cannot imagine ever being surpassed by the competition.”
  • Dr. Bob He, Director of Innovation & Business Development XRD2, Bruker AXS Inc. (USA): “We had many successful collaborations with the Atomicus team in various R&D projects, among which the LEPTOS* project was the most successful. The project involved developing a new software for thin film and stress evaluation with X-ray diffraction. I was very impressed by the strong scientific background of the Atomicus team members. LEPTOS was released on schedule with complete documentation and a user manual. The LEPTOS software is one of our most successful products and is welcomed by our customers.”
  • Dr. Scott Speakman, MIT (USA): “About half of the work that I am doing on the HRXRD instrument right now is for materials that do not fit into the classic examples of semiconductor thin films — ferroelectric oxides such as BiFeO3, Sr(Ti,Fe,Co)O3, PCO (Pr-doped CeO2), MgO, Al2O3, and SrTiO3. Other programs do not even attempt to accommodate most oxide materials in their models, which makes LEPTOS* an even more invaluable tool.”
  • Dr. Mauro Sardela, University of Illinois (USA): “I was impressed with the capabilities of the software developed by the team. I have been running different specialized software; however, LEPTOS* seems to be a superior product since it has a more robust algorithm. In summary, I found that LEPTOS is far ahead of competitors’ products.”
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Makarov, Director of Research, Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH (Bremen, Germany): We had a very positive experience working with Atomicus on analytical software development. The Atomicus team readily absorbs and generates ideas for both analytical and physical parts of the project, and for UI/UX interfaces to improve the quality and usability of the software. The Atomicus physicists demonstrated a deep understanding of the physics of mass spectrometers, and the programmers secured high-quality implementation of the project on time and on budget as well as prompt responses to all of our R&D team’s requests. The project demonstrated the team’s great discipline and organizational skills. We were a little bit skeptical about outsourcing such highly specialized projects; however, Atomicus was able to change our minds. I would like to recommend Atomicus as a reliable outsourcing software development supplier, especially for scientific and analytical projects with high physical and mathematical content.
  • Dr. G. Vanhoyland, Instituut voor Materiaalonderzoek (Belgium): “Last year, I was impressed by the performance of software developed by the Atomicus team; and since then, I have used the program with great satisfaction. However, I have to admit that the new version has improved even more. This wasn’t just a cosmetic operation, but included really helpful new features, such as calculation of estimated standard deviations, taking into account the instrumental function on the basis of the optical elements that have been used for a particular experiment, and so on.”
  • Dr. Malte Czernohorsky, Hannover University (Germany): “Discussions during the workshop confirmed my impression that LEPTOS* is a universal and powerful tool that enables the user to evaluate their diffraction or reflection data in a fast and very convenient way. The new LEPTOS package now covers the whole range of X-ray applications, not only diffraction and reflectometry but also grazing incidence data.”

*LEPTOS is a long-term software project that Bruker AXS and Atomicus have collaborated on.