Atomicus is an industry leader in the development of high-tech software products in the analytical programing field for European, U.S., and Japanese marketplaces.

Since the late 1990s, the Atomicus team has been developing software for Bruker, Rigaku, Cameca (Ametek), Thermo Fisher, Adani, Stoe & Cie GmbH, European X-ray Free Electron Laser, and other world leaders in analytical instrumentation manufacturing. During this time, Atomicus has supported more than 60 major releases of several large-scale projects; delivered customer training, workshops, and seminars; and contributed to essential marketing activity.

Our technological competencies include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Semiconductors: front- and back-end, compound and dielectrics, interconnections
  • Nanotechnology: optical and electronic devices, surfaces and interfaces, nanostructures
  • Quality control and metrology (semiconductors, pharmaceutical, cement, coatings)
  • Material research (universities and research centers)
  • Surface analysis and coatings
  • Automotive and airspace industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Life sciences: proteomics, tomography, and microscopy
  • Fundamental science and investigations

The entire Atomicus team is used to working in an international environment and in close cooperation with our partners. All employees speak English fluently. Atomicus has three offices, located in Seattle (USA), Karlsruhe (Germany), and Gdansk (Poland).

Custom Software Development