AtomicusChart® is a product from Atomicus that can be integrated and reused in any software for analytical applications that requires high-speed graphics for large volumes of data, including large data sets. AtomicusChart® is a collection of libraries and modules that can:
• Visualize 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D data with numerous options for representation.
• Perform analysis, filtering, and data preprocessing.
• Process large volumes of data at high speeds.

AtomicusChart® is a DirectX 11-based 1D/2D/3D/4D graphical .NET control. It was designed and optimized for the needs of analytical software in high-tech scientific, industrial, and commercial applications. AtomicusChart® fully stores data in its video memory, and data processing is accomplished using a GPU shader program. Operations such as switching linear/SQRT/LOG scale or changing the ColorMap are nearly instantaneous. GPU-based ray casting with shading is used for rendering volumetric data. Every data visualization can be viewed in 2D, 3D, and 4D. The 2D view is just a special case of the 3D view that utilizes parallel projection, a simplified light model, and camera movement limitations. Customers may select any of the 24 projections available.

Principal Features of AtomicusChart®:
• High performance and optimization for large data sets (including frustum culling, level of detail, and dynamic loading techniques)
• 10 million-plus point clouds and 1 million point curves
• 16 Mp 3D structured grids, 512x512x512 volumetric data, and 150 Mp+ raster data rendered with 30+ frames per second on average discrete video adapters
• 2x/4x/8x multisampling antialiasing and 2x supersampling antialiasing
• GPU-based order-independent transparency
• High-resolution image exporting for reports and printing
• Ambient/diffuse/specular light model and lit sphere support for materials emulation
• Normal mapping
• Axis coloring, tick count and adjustable density, and font selection
• Customizable series color, width, markers, and style
• Normal mapping, color mapping, and solid, wireframe graph, and waterfall plot
• Control over camera field of view (FOV), projection, and aspect ratio
• NaN / infinity / out of range handling
• Cartesian, cylindrical, and spherical coordinate systems
• Linear, logarithmic, and SQRT data scaling
• Deep and shallow data picking
• Built-in contours search
• Ability to extend render data types from outside and add additional info to your chart

The target PC for AtomicusChart® control is a Windows 7/8/10-based system with DirectX 11 support. AtomicusChart® is developed to work well even on low-end video adapters, such as CPU-integrated Intel Graphics. However, it can also be customized for high-end graphical adapters, which may improve performance.